When your Future Dregs up your Past

by Jenna

Woman pulls pack page and reveals sunset. This means your Future is calling for you to release any sediments in your energy from your past. “You” (or what most people consider as “them”- personality, thoughts, analysis- aren’t actually doing this. It is a bigger integrated part of you that initiates holistic healing (becoming whole again).

This experience feels and occurs as negative and sometimes confusing- that’s normal. It won’t last. This is a phase. The more trust and acceptance, the better. This involves not resisting symptoms, and choosing the highest choice in the next moment. Moment by moment. Projecting into the future while you are “in it” is never effective. You do not have enough bandwidth to do anything but be in the process you are in. (this is hard for the mind, but not impossible)

Incompletes of the past seek to be complete. Our modern way of living involves sayings such as “suck it up”, “get right back on the horse”, “forget about it” This results in layers of undigested experiences in our cells and our Being.

So, this odd thing happens when what we wanted, intended, and desired comes into our lives- LIFE begins a cleansing process of old, built up residue from the Past.

- tired
- cranky, irritable
- spontaneous crying
- aversion to doing normal routine
- pressured feelings in the center of your chest
- body aches- particularly shoulders and back
- taking up or being drawn to addictive behaviours (busy, procrastinate, TV, shopping, food, substances…)

What to do about it:

This is a process much like a fever. But rather than your immune system it is in your mental and emotional system. This still shows up with physical symptoms- But the core is not physical per se (always check with your doctor of course).
- Go into nature
- Ask for more assistance from your support system (family, partners, friends, community)
- Let yourself off the hook for anything that is not urgent. Re-adjust your To-do lists accordingly.
- Add to your To-do list BEING activities: Nature, read, music, sit and notice, garden, be creative, lie on the floor just because, have a bath or shower and feel the water, experience the experiences.
- Let others in on what you are feeling (predetermine close trusted friends who can be safe, and warm, and understanding when you need it.)
- Talk to yourself, in your inner voice, with encouragement and assurance that this will pass and your magnificent future is HERE. Things are clearing to make space. You know this because the evidence of your life is shifting to make room for your desires.
- Let the past go. Clean out closets, and release old things that do not belong in your future.
- Trust yourself more
- If all fails SLEEP

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