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A Brief History of Jenna

Most of us are on a journey. A journey we weren't given a map for.
Most of us think the solutions are out there; the looks, the jobs, the locations, the titles, the reputations, and ultimately the opinions of others.
Most people either get frustrated and give up, or fight their way to the top only to realize in dismay their inner peace and satisfaction are not there either.
That's what happened to me.

I thought I needed to be a famous singer, have a hot fit bod, have the popular boyfriend, and excel in everything. I thought I had to convince the world I was worthwhile, rather than accept I was worthy just because.

I needed to convince the world I was worthy because my upbringing came with some notable challenges; from Fibromylagia (chronic pain) due to a car accident at age 15, to my Dad going to jail and having his story on provincial news, from feeling alone due to all the challenges, to trying to succeed in spite of the damages, and some eating disorders to top it off.

I thought I could run away from my damaged self.
But, it didn't go that way.
I truly had it all in my early 20's, everything I thought I needed to be happy. But, I was more obsessed than ever. I was deathly afraid people would find out I was faking (fraud syndrome), or if I didn't keep it up I would not be liked or celebrated anymore; everyone would point and laugh, and my loved ones would leave if I dropped the ball.

It was actually exhausting to get everything I wanted. Because it was based on a foundation of lack and insecurity.
I felt very confused and angry at myself, at life and at God. How could I get everything I thought I needed to be happy and not be happy?
Following all the rules, checking off all the boxes, and finding it got me nowhere.
So, I wondered...
Who writes the rules?
How do I succeed in my life AND feel whole and complete?
Who is God? And why did he seem like such an unfair, judgey presence that didn't seem to intervene when life was tough?
What does it mean to live a fulfilled, purposeful life? Truly.
I just didn't think life made sense, and sought to find out how I could.

Hot Damn.
Unconditional peace,
Ability to love and be loved,
A life I truly LOVE that is of my own making.
Waking up enthused,
Going to bed grateful.
All things I felt were lifetimes away, and on another planet where happy people come from.
Here I am living it.
Now showing others how to do it too.

My wish for you is that you will know your worth while you achieve the success you seek. Whether it is spiritual, financial, career, love relationship, family, or whatever you desire. You not knowing your worth and experiencing your awesomeness while you are here on this earth simply does not work for me. What is the point of success if you do not enjoy your life? If you do not experience what you are creating? If you cannot truly be present with all the other amazing human beings around you? To know in your bones you are not alone, and magnificent beyond your capacity to comprehend. While at the same time a fallible, vulnerable, beautiful human.
I call this BE-ing. Human + Being. I call this reconnecting to who you really are.

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I'm looking forward to hearing what you are up to, and if I can help in anyway please feel welcome and contact me directly with the button below.
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Ontological Coach

Jenna has had many professions and developed a unique skill set from each branch, but it all falls under the form of coaching online, writing, and speaking. Ontological Coaching is the study of BEING. Who we BE, creates our relationships, circumstances, and life experience.

"There is no doing in the world, without being first." Oprah Winfrey

It was during her Ontological Coach Training at age 29 wherethe tire really hit the road. Prior to this training, Jenna was what she calls in a perpetual potential hamster wheel: Trying to record an inspirational album, finish her Spiritual Psychotherapy case studies for her diploma, and servicing Personal Training clients at the gym and Reiki healings at her home for income. She really didn't know how all these aspects would come together and make sense. HELLO SPIRIT INTERVENTION. With some surrender, openness, faith and synchronicity Jenna met her 2 mentors through a "random" introduction. She joined their 16month training which taught her a business model and system she could funnel all her other talents into. Hallelujah. Now she helps others discover who they really are and how to manage the silly human parts that get in the way. The coolest thing about Ontological approach is the premise that everything is made up. We can learn to create from possibilities rather than dragging our doubts and fear into our future. By following what excites us and lights us up we can create our own blueprint to our own unique success story.

Training in Psychotherapy

Technically, Jenna is a practicing counsellor in her coaching practice, but was trained as a Spiritual Psychotherapist through the Transformational Arts College and Lifespace Institute of Transformational Counsellor training. Psychotherapy is the ability to use strategic processes, presence, and questions to allow for emotional healing to take place. Jenna also took part in her own recovery work through ACA (adultchildren.org). This is a good free support system to grow up our wounded inner children and be able to finally break family limits and become the Beings we were born to be, and capable of becoming.

Shaman + Reiki/Energy Healing + Yoga 200-hour YTR

What's Shamanism?
Shamanism is NOT a religion, but does not exclude religion either. It is a way of being which communes with Nature and Spirit in order to bring wisdom and light to our path and our planet. There are practices called journeys, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, inner parts integration, shadow work, etc... all to work on the level of our energetics, which thus works on EVERY level.
Shamanic practice heightens intuition to make living in ordinary reality not so ordinary!

Where did Jenna train?
Four Winds Incan Medicine Wheel
Canadian Society of Shamanism
Andrew Steed's Celtic Shamanism Intensive
Mentors in Peru, Ireland, Zimbabwe (Mandaza Kandemwa) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztvi8u3Cu0g


How did Jenna learn biz?
She has successfully run her business for over 5 years, while managing her clients entrepreneurially at Goodlife fitness and other boutique gyms prior to that. She learned how sales is a service, and how to value the results her clients get and turn that into income. As an Advisor for companies such as SheEO.world and HUBinc she brings refreshing common sense with intuitive creativity intermixed with grounded business know-how . Rooted in radical self care and self mastery success does not equal giving up your life for money, it means expanding your life.
Life has brought her teachers and advisors, and even some duds she learned from to do the opposite. Experience is the best teacher, and Jenna has the experience. Like a Sherpa knows the way up a mountain, Jenna takes her clients to an authentic, thriving business.

Fitness and Health

Being in the Fitness industry for over 9 years Jenna was a personal trainer, sports supplement rep, holistic nutrition rep, and trained as a fitness model in the competition arena. She combines her knowledge of health and fitness to assist her clients with a full service package capable of advising on every aspect of their self care. She currently still teaches Zumba dance fitness and Yoga classes.

Mission and Philosophy

To Educate, Inspire and Elevate.

People who feel they are alone, or that something is missing, or the answers are "out there" can learn to find their center, and live from a place of knowing. Pain is your purpose bootcamp, your teacher, but suffering is optional. People who feel 'not good enough' are unable to access their truth. I am here to make life make sense and to end unnecessary suffering in humanity. Come home to your belonging, you have never been far from it. I'll show you.
Our biggest problem is forgetting who we really are. By returning to the our true nature, we heal our past hurts, accomplish mental mastery, emotional effectiveness, intelligence, creativity, confidence, communication, intuition, manifestation, and spiritual connection. From this center, our best self in body, relationships, home, family, finance, career, community, spirit, and legacy are possible. We are the manual.
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Jenna teaches us to remember we are both human and being. By integrating our being, we can make more creative choices in the face of recurring problems while also being able to access peace, presence and joy. We don’t need more books, seminars, or workshops to “fix” ourselves. Enough is enough! It’s time to remember our inborn awesomeness and learn to live it as our daily life.
Jenna has had great success working with clients in all areas of their lives including relationships, career, confidence, health, and life purpose. She helps people demystify overwhelming feelings like depression, anxiety, or insecurity, and find a path through to the results they want. Whether it’s planning everyday to-do lists or thinking about who we are and why we’re here, Jenna guides her clients through the complicated areas of life and helps make them simple.

“Let’s get you the tools, support, resources, coaching, and consistency you need to go out and live your awesome life.  It’s just on the other side of suffering, and I know the route.”  

Jenna Smith is an Ontological Coach and Shamanic Intuitive. She has trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy at the Transformational Arts College and at Lifespace Institute of Transformational Counselling. She is a certified Ontological Coach, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, as well as a health and fitness trainer. She has also studied Oneness, Shamanism and Intuitive healing work with mentors from Peru, India, Africa, Ireland and North America.

She is an in-demand international speaker & singer, workshop and retreat leader, author, and coach. With 18 years of experience, Jenna is a one stop shop for results.

Love your life. Rock

Realign with who you really are. Get a free process to Access your Being.

Check out this chat with Tash Jefferies discussing what makes Jenna different and why you might want to consider adding her to your support team.
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