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You Need Transformation When Your Problems Recycle Themselves!

You Need Transformation When…

by Jenna
The problems in your life just keep recycling back with new characters. You “know” the problem, but it still is a problem and holds you back from peace, presence and power. You’ve done LOTS of work on yourself, but the results still aren’t there. (frustrating I know, but hey it happens). You are so used to looking at your own life with your 180 views, you can’t see the 360 to truly get to another reality. The reality you can see, you know it’s there, but just. can’t. reach. When changing all the things is creating no change at all. [...]
The Law of Attraction is Gonna Getcha! Don't Fear your negative thoughts!

The Law of Attraction is Gonna Getcha!!

by Jenna
The Law of Attraction made popular by the movie “The Secret” and then Oprah’s shows about it has created a lot of excitement, hype and…. a monster of fear. Fear of negative thoughts. Fear of “bad” negative feelings. The common narrative is... Negative energy is bad. Don’t think negative thoughts. You must use your willpower every moment to manage every thought you think, or you’ll fail and attract all sorts of shitty things to your life because you weren’t doing it right. How inspiring is that? Well my friends, unfortunately for many people the Law of Attraction has brought far [...]
Is Boredom the Solution to Achieving Peace? And what about success?

Is Boredom the Solution to Achieving Peace?

by Jenna
Are you seeking to feel peace? A lot of people are. Eckhart Tolle's book 'The Power of Now' sold over 3 million copies, and if you've read or heard Eckhart you know this isn't because of his movie star good looks or charismatic speaking, right? He could be seen as quite boring. But you know what? Boredom is actually one of the symptoms on the way to YOU accessing this Peace, Power and Presence. The problem is Peace can seem to threaten success. And we can't give up being successful, so we keep giving up our peace. Why? Who will [...]
Top 3 Things That Keep People From Focusing on their Wellbeing - "Just Keep Swimming"

The Top 3 Things That Keep People From Following A Self Care Routine

by Jenna
1. All or Nothing thinking. With the Wellbeing Checklist, you received when you signed up, there are 10 items to fill in. You think you need a 10 out of 10 every day, no exceptions or you failed so what's the use. Sound familiar? This is the harsh inner voice that is not your pal when you embark on making new habits that align you with your ideal self. All or nothing thinking is a surefire sign you are operating from fear, and not from faith in yourself. It's just you being scared of disappointment that these changes won't work, [...]
What is Heart Centred Living: What does it really mean?

What is “Heart Centred” Living?

by Jenna
Namaste! The boom of the yoga movement, reiki, essential oils, crystals, life coaching has given birth to a sub-culture dialogue that doesn’t always have a Webster definition (Webster's dictionary) to help us out. I mean, what does heart centred even mean? I’ll be honest if you know me personally or have been following my content for a while, I am sure you know my thoughts about diluted spiritual and self-development speak. However, we can all use more distinctions in this area to go BEYOND the mind, and into the heart space. Let’s start here. Heart Centred Living is commonly mistaken for [...]
It’s All in Your Head. EXACTLY! What is Mind Dominance?

It’s All in Your Head. EXACTLY!

by Jenna
The Problems with Living in your Head. You wake up. For a brief moment peace is still available in between slumber and waking, but then, your mind wakes up. To-do’s, activities, duties, reminders, infiltrate the peace and space that was there only brief moments ago. Where did that space go? Well, it’s actually still there. We’ve just become so accustomed to noise and stuff and busy, we don’t know any other way is possible. So the noise creeps into our mind, and we simply accept this as “normal”. “We can’t change what we’ve learned to tolerate."   I call this [...]
Sick? Life kicking your Ass? Rest and allow Your Soul System to Reboot

Sick? Life kicking your Ass a bit? or Soul System Reboot?

by Jenna
When you get a flu, cold, or any sudden down and out a physical symptom, your soul might be the culprit. It’s almost like clockwork when I am guiding someone to their BEing and biggest possibilities in life they get sick, or a concussion, or just something causing them to STOP, REST, SLOOOOW. Stop, Rest, Slow How often do you do this? When you are not sick… maybe not often eh? Well, when we begin to move from left cognitive brain (mind dominant) thinking to a whole body, integrated intelligence “thinking” we kinda need a reboot. "We can't solve problems [...]
The Insecurity Cure: How Insecurity keeps us captive in our lives!

The Insecurity Cure

by Jenna
"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being." - Hafiz Insecurity keeps us captive in our lives. The fear of not being enough or what other people think chains us from self-expression and the ability to BE in our lives. Rather than hyper vigilantly assessing how we are perceived by others, there is a cure for this internal prison that keeps us from enjoying our lives and ourselves. The cure takes time and practice, but it is so worth it.   I speak from a deep place [...]
Soul Smackdowns: what can happen when you start investing in yourself!

Soul Smackdowns

by Jenna
Let’s say you’ve started investing in yourself recently. What that means is more attention, intention, time, money or energy is going towards YOU. The funny little thing about this is when we dare to claim our value by investing in ourselves, all the old unworthy crap comes up to play. This can look like losing things, having minor accidents, just feeling “off”, ditching your healthy eating plan, taking up bad habits, and can sometimes show up as bigger problems if we really need to be shaken up. I call these Soul Smackdowns. They suck. You are doing everything “right” and [...]
Incubating and Generating: When to Be, When to Do.

Incubation and Generation: When to Be, When to Do.

by Jenna
"Embrace your natural rhythm to increase your productivity without robbing your vitality.” - Jenna Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up? Really? How can you embrace and value your “less productive” moods? How can “doing nothing” actually be very productive? Do you ever have those times when no matter what you try you just can’t seem to muster the energy to be super productive? The alarm clock sounds like the most obnoxious racket in the world as you desperately seek to hide under your covers for at least 2-3 more hours. You have a plan and you know [...]