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Soul Smackdowns

by Jenna
Let’s say you’ve started investing in yourself recently. What that means is more attention, intention, time, money or energy is going towards YOU. The funny little thing about this, is when we dare to claim our value by investing in ourselves, all the old unworthy crap comes up to play.This can look like losing things, having minor accidents, just feeling “off”, ditching your healthy eating plan, taking up bad habits, and can sometimes show up as bigger problems if we really need to be shaken up. I call these Soul Smackdowns. They suck. You are doing everything “right” and things [...]

Incubation and Generation: When to Be, When to Do.

by Jenna
"Embrace your natural rhythm to increase your productivity without robbing your vitality.” Jenna Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up? Really? How can you embrace and value your “less productive” moods? How can “doing nothing” actually be very productive? Do you ever have those times when no matter what you try you just can’t seem to muster the energy to be super productive? The alarm clock sounds like the most obnoxious racket in the world as you desperately seek to hide under your covers for at least 2-3 more hours. You have a plan and you know what [...]

Diluted Truth March 2 2017

by Jenna
Do you remember the game telephone? Where a group of kids sit in a circle and one person whispers a sentence, and then whispers it to the next kid, and the next kid whispers what they heard to the next, until the final kid blurts out a contorted, hilarious obliteration of the original sentence. Playing telephone with TRUTH means someone’s not getting the facts right. I use the word fact very loosely in this context. Spiritual truth, is far more of a deep, untaintable knowing that goes beyond a Yoga T-shirt motto. People are reeling from confusion, doubt, and insecurity [...]

Jetpack Meditation - filling up your battery.

by Jenna
JET PACK Meditation: Plug yourself in. Fill your Battery We plug in our phones daily. But do we re-energize mind, body, heart and spirit daily? This will take less time than a full cell phone charge. Do this for a week and see what happens? Notice. Then choose if this is something you want to add to your daily routine. (I highly recommend it!)  Instructions and Guidelines: Best if eyes are closed and you won’t be interrupted. (you can even do this in the bathroom for a quick break to recharge). Get centered in your body. (feel your breath moving you, [...]

When your Future Dregs up your Past

by Jenna
This means your Future is calling for you to release any sediments in your energy from your past. “You” (or what most people consider as “them”- personality, thoughts, analysis- aren’t actually doing this. It is a bigger integrated part of you that initiates holistic healing (becoming whole again). This experience feels and occurs as negative and sometimes confusing- that’s normal. It won’t last. This is a phase. The more trust and acceptance, the better. This involves not resisting symptoms, and choosing the highest choice in the next moment. Moment by moment. Projecting into the future while you are “in it” [...]

EMBRACING THE GOO The Unsexy Parts of Change and Transformation

by Jenna
I want inner peace. I want to be happy. I want my dream job. I want a more authentic, satisfying lifestyle. I want to be more confident. I want to lose 10lbs, make more money, have more time. So what are you going to do about it? While working with many clients over the years I have come to find that most people avoid the actual process of Transformation itself. Even I did on my own journey. People want the peace, they want the purpose, they want the results- but not so much the process. The butterfly has been the [...]

From Adrenalin to Inspiration: The Burnout Solution

by Jenna

How breaking our addiction to excitement helps us access our natural, sustainable energy.

Most people intuitively get the concept of switching your energy source from “adrenalin to inspiration.” It’s actually quite similar to switching from oil to solar power. One form of energy creates negative consequences and is limited, and the other is sustainable and life regenerating. We can grasp this concept for our homes or cars, but what about our bodies and our being?