Diluted Truth March 2 2017

by Jenna

Do you remember the game telephone? Where a group of kids sit in a circle and one person whispers a sentence, and then whispers it to the next kid, and the next kid whispers what they heard to the next, until the final kid blurts out a contorted, hilarious

obliteration of the original sentence. Playing telephone with TRUTH means someone’s not getting the facts right. I use the word fact very loosely in this context. Spiritual truth, is far more of a deep, untaintable knowing that goes beyond a Yoga T-shirt motto.

People are reeling from confusion, doubt, and insecurity due to dilluted truth. I see it everyday on social media, and in the media in general.

So what is diluted truth?

Diluted Truth:
1. Truth that is being explained in bits and pieces, that only adds up for certain people and in certain circumstances.
2. Truth that is misinterpreted by the communicator, and thereby is not going to translate to another human being.
3. Truth that feels “truth-ey” or truth-kinda sort of-ish, but doesn’t result in the warm knowing, or gutteral humming sound, that ALWAYS follows an alignmnet with Truth.
4. Someone’s values and systems being imposed on another person’s individuality, then making that person wrong for “not getting it right.” (aka half of the self development industry)

Diluted Truth does not leave room for trusting your body.
It does not have patience for sitting in space to feel out if all the parts are working together from an energetic aspect.
Diluted Truth is safe, because you can speak of something powerful, without having to take your own lead to experience it first.

There is a BIG uprising of interest in things like meditation, the law of attraction, manifesting, mindfulness, and self improvement in the form of yoga retreats or cleansing routines.
People rarely are taught to tune in to their OWN knowing.
And if they are, those are the treasured teachers that teach empowerment and discernment.

Be discerning and listen to your own being when you hear advice, read a book, or even get a coach. You will thank yourself for it. It is hard surrending yourself to the unknown of your own knowing, until it becomes your most prized tool!

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