Jetpack Meditation - filling up your battery.

by Jenna

JET PACK Meditation: Plug yourself in. Fill your Battery

We plug in our phones daily. But do we re-energize mind, body, heart and spirit daily?

This will take less time than a full cell phone charge. Do this for a week and see what happens?

Notice. Then choose if this is something you want to add to your daily routine. (I highly recommend it!)

 Instructions and Guidelines:

  1. Best if eyes are closed and you won’t be interrupted. (you can even do this in the bathroom for a quick break to recharge).
  1. Get centered in your body. (feel your breath moving you, feel your feet, feel your pelvis where it's sitting, FEEL and notice, just breath and Be. You can’t get this wrong.)
  1. Bring your awareness down your body. Feel your bones insides, feel the blood moving around (even just to acknowledge it), work down the thighs, calves, and feet.   FEEL them.
  1. Picture ROOTS growing down from your feet into the earth (no matter the floor you are on). Allow them to grow deep enough to “lock in” and feel sturdy and grounded. Breathe, stay open to the process.
  1. Allow the nourishment of life itself from the earth come into you. Receive. This is ALWAYS here, but we forget. Receive like you are drinking in all the energy you need. If you need more visuals "see" a dried plant with dry soil,  and picture how the water gets soaked up effortlessly and naturally to meet its needs. It never takes too much, and always takes what is needed for thriving vitality.)

Now you are ready for take off again.


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