The Law of Attraction is Gonna Getcha! Don't Fear your negative thoughts!

The Law of Attraction is Gonna Getcha!!

by Jenna

The Law of Attraction made popular by the movie “The Secret” and then Oprah’s shows about it has created a lot of excitement, hype and…. a monster of fear.

Fear of negative thoughts.
Fear of “bad” negative feelings.

The common narrative is...

Negative energy is bad. Don’t think negative thoughts. You must use your willpower every moment to manage every thought you think, or you’ll fail and attract all sorts of shitty things to your life because you weren’t doing it right.

How inspiring is that?

Well my friends, unfortunately for many people the Law of Attraction has brought far more stress than empowerment.

Here is my insight into our common misunderstandings of the Law of Attraction.

1. So many of my clients and audiences have revealed their absolute terror in doing this powerful secret WRONG.

We are SO afraid to get it wrong. Their self-esteem plummets from their misinterpretation of the Law of Attraction (LoA). They are more frantic and disempowered than before they’d ever heard of it! We are a society impoverished of self-acceptance and self-trust.


2. The other thing that goes wrong for people is their fear of feeling deep desire, their fear of hope.

People are scared to care, scared to get their hopes up. It takes a lot of courage to claim and declare something you really want, it is incredibly vulnerable, it is emotionally safer to think, “this stuff won’t work”. We don’t want to set ourselves up for disappointment. It has hurt too much in the past, so we don’t move through these vulnerable feelings to the DESIRE because we judge these feelings as “negative”. It is very short-sighted but understandable.

3. The HOPE of the LoA seems to be causing more doubt and distrust in a higher power, in OUR power, because we haven’t got all the facts and steps.

We’ve been given bits here and there, but I’ll be honest if someone gave me scrambled a cake recipe and gave me only a few pieces at a time, with no logical order, I would mess that up too. Then I would come to the conclusion “I can’t make cakes.” It’s not that I cannot make a cake, anyone can with the right ingredients and instructions. Therefore, you can work with your inner and outer power to make life work too. (One step at a time, and in its own time.)

4. On its own the LoA is incredibly, mind-numbingly neutral, like gravity and electricity. But as we do, humans like complicating the bejeebers out of simple concepts.

LoA is mostly being taught from a left cognitive brain place. People try to understand a BIG Being concept in their itty bitty left brain. Unfortunately, the message gets diluted and distorted that way. The cognitive mind is not your heart, it is not your soul, it is not your Spirit. It is a brilliant beautiful mind that does its job well - thinking, analyzing, remembering, organizing data, judging, assessing... Just, don’t expect it to manifest a Pony without any Spirit ok? OR if having a Pony is not in your highest good, you also won’t manifest it. Cool eh? Intelligence is working on your behalf and editing your manifestations to TRULY bless you with exactly what you need. The thoughts are only 1 ingredient.


5. In truth, the LoA is more about realigning to who we are BEING, than getting a Ferrari (or Pony).

Once you align with your being, you can put whatever you want on your vision board! Because you won’t NEED it to affirm your worthiness as a person, you will already have that. And from that natural place of knowing you are already worthy and inherently good-who, you always WERE - you can jam with the LoA like a badass. You won’t need anything to feel good. Your first steps in using LoA is practising feeling better and better because universal laws will not support our skewed unworthiness. So start aiming for that.

How good will I let myself feel today? How compassionate can I be with my negative thought habits today? What small steps will help me feel better. Here and now, where I am, with what I have. We want to feel good! The stuff is stuff. So start small, every day finding little ways to feel good and re-direct your thoughts. You got this.

“We attract who we are BEING, not so much the random thoughts we are thinking.”

When we don’t understand these tweaks to the Law of Attraction teachings, we think we are doing something wrong. Or that God must think we aren’t worth the energy to receive what we desire.

That’s all mental BS from our minds because our minds can’t let go and surrender to our Being. Our minds create a separated self-the self we experience as separate from our worthiness, belonging, and being. Separate from our Power to create our experiences in our lives.

Energy just is.

"Even After All this time, the Sun never says to the Earth ‘you owe me." - Hafiz


What is Being anyway?

The Sun is just being. It’s being a big ass star, close enough that we on earth can benefit and live from its very nature to burn gasses 24/7 creating an unconditional source for us regardless of what we think about it, or if we meditated today and didn’t think any bad thoughts. LoA is not Santa Claus counting if we are naughty, and docking us points for negative thoughts. No matter what, that sun continues burning gasses creating the light we desperately need to survive. Our being operates from the same unconditional neutrality.

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