It’s All in Your Head. EXACTLY! What is Mind Dominance?

It’s All in Your Head. EXACTLY!

by Jenna

The Problems with Living in your Head.

You wake up.

For a brief moment peace is still available in between slumber and waking, but then, your mind wakes up.

To-do’s, activities, duties, reminders, infiltrate the peace and space that was there only brief moments ago. Where did that space go? Well, it’s actually still there. We’ve just become so accustomed to noise and stuff and busy, we don’t know any other way is possible. So the noise creeps into our mind, and we simply accept this as “normal”.

“We can’t change what we’ve learned to tolerate."


I call this Mind Dominance.

The term I use to describe living from the Mind, the left-cognitive mind, is Mind Dominance. Literally, we live dominantly from our mind as a learned state, it’s simply the default intelligence we use, not the entire intelligence we have available. This term helps me to teach others there’s more to our intelligence than our thinking, strategy, doing self.

Jill Bolte Taylor, riveted her Ted Talk audience describing her first-hand account of what the left-brain is for, and what happens when it has a stroke!

When the left brain is not dominating, is so much more.

There is our Heart intelligence.

Our Body intelligence.

And our Energetic/Spirit intelligence.

But here, we are talking about Mind Dominance. (See other articles and the You Are the Manual Program for details about all of our intelligence systems and how they all work together.)

I am very careful when I first work with clients who truly identify with how much they get done, societal checklists of success, and overall making each second productive as the be all and end all of their worth. It is a busy life, and it is a noisy life. Surprisingly, always needing to be DOing leads to a life of feeling perpetually behind and never good enough. (Blah, I was there, and am so glad I learned other possibilities. Who wants to race to end only to still feel like a loser?)

Resting, pausing, anything other than doing will evoke a mild growing anxiety until you start doing again to appease this programming. Who programmed it? We all did. We as a collective all got on board with caring more about the external approval of “them" than our own inner truth. And that’s ok. What’s good to know is we now have choices.

We do not have to be busy for busy sake, we don’t have to live by other people’s rule book.

But, It’s really friggin scary to start.

Who are you if you aren’t what you do? Your identity, Your sex, Your body, Your reputation.

Who are you?

Phew, big questions. Take a break. I can feel the steam piping out your ears from mental overload. Why?
Because our left cognitive mind was NEVER built for these parts of our lives.

Soul-lead living

Seeing the unknown and not being phased...

These areas are the realms of our WHOLE intelligent being.

What does that mean?!

You are most likely reading this from the mindset of Mind Dominance that I’m discussing in this article. So these airy-fairy words and concepts just kinda plunk off of the metal sheet in front of your head. "NOPE, that sounds dumb or confusing I’m going to disregard it entirely and stick with what I do know.” is what your mind would say.

I get it!

I’ve taken hundreds of people through this process.

And what I will say to tease you into being open to trying this other way of being out is, you don’t have to feel like you have to prove your worth. You are worthy because you are breathing, your heart is beating, you aren’t flying off the face of the earth because gravity loves you enough to keep you snug as a bug, safely on earth.

What would that be like? To not have to prove your value or worth?

To already be good enough, and THEN choose what you want to do with yourself and your life.

Whole Being Intelligence takes time to re-connect to and develop. It is actually our natural state when we are in harmony with ourselves and the world.


  • You don’t have to DO to be worthy. You can choose your life based on what is aligned with your true nature and CHOOSE your actions from there; from wholeness and a sense of unconditional worth.
  • Your mind left cognitive mind, is only ONE aspect of you. Check out Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie’s work for some more information to support this.
  • Peace is possible. You don’t have to always be thinking thoughts! The mind can actually be a peaceful sky with clouds floating around when you live from a whole intelligent being. (Find out how in You are the Manual).

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