You Need Transformation When Your Problems Recycle Themselves!

You Need Transformation When…

by Jenna

The problems in your life just keep recycling back with new characters.

You “know” the problem, but it still is a problem and holds you back from peace, presence and power.

You’ve done LOTS of work on yourself, but the results still aren’t there. (frustrating I know, but hey it happens).

You are so used to looking at your own life with your 180 views, you can’t see the 360 to truly get to another reality. The reality you can see, you know it’s there, but just. can’t. reach.

When changing all the things is creating no change at all. Just a cleaner room and an organized planner with affirmations that never feel “true”. It is all still over there.

All the people around you start to feel smothering or “off.” Your workplace annoys you on a level you can no longer stand. Your relationships, while nice, just aren’t feeding you. You need something deeper to fill this void.

You know you need to do something, You just don’t know what…yet!

You feel like you are in a hurry, but not quite sure why.

You feel like you might be missing something, but not quite sure what.

The things that used to soothe you, DON’T anymore.

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