Client Success Stories

The session I had with Jenna gave me a sense of peace I haven’t had in quite some time. With her guidance I was able to get clarity, direction and perspective on issues/feelings I’ve been carrying. Thank you Jenna!
Susan Somerville
Project Manager
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Jenna is the truest, most empowering, and authentic coach that I have seen in action. I am a coach myself, so it takes a very experienced and grounded person to be able to help me along on my journey... And she has done (and continues to do) that. Jenna speaks her truth, and I honestly can't think of a better person to hire as a coach, to represent the true, authentic image of what a coach should be, at their best.
Tash JefferiesTEDx | Huffington Post Top 50 Health | Wall Street Journal | Udemy
I healed 20 years of anxiety in only 6months with Jenna’s help. I even could reduce my medication by 75%.
Coaching with Jenna Smith has been one of the most healing experiences of my life. Her love, acceptance, wisdom, compassion, and sincerity shines through in all she does. She helps you heal, release, and love yourself on a deep level. Jenna provides practical, helpful tools and strategies You can feel how much healing work Jenna has done on herself and her self mastery helped me to realize my own. Coaching with Jenna is a life changing journey that I highly recommend to anyone who feels the desire for more love and support along their path!
Hillary Faye EisenCreator of Awaken Love YTT
Love your life. Rock
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“I was looking for someone to help me get my business ideas off the ground. Serious about doing what it takes and committing to the right support, I asked a trusted advisor who gave me Jenna’s name. Jenna’s gift has been to support me in moving ideas into action from an authentic, grounded and internally driven space. She has a keen and intuitive ability to get to the heart of anything – from calling bullshit on things as needed, to being an amazing cheerleader. Within the four month’s I’ve worked with Jenna, I’ve made breakthroughs in different aspects of my life –wellbeing, self-awareness, business.”
Dr. Golnaz GolnaraghiSpeaker, Author, Academic, TEDx
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“Working with Jenna changed my life. I am not the same person. After many self improvement programs, I finally can feel calm and peaceful no matter what life throws at me. I recommend her to anyone ready for lasting change in their lives. There’s no words for the transformation I experienced.”
Karen K.J.Toronto
I got a lot of clarity and tools to master myself and my business. As a CEO I was running around trying to get everything done, and Jenna taught me how to be Present with all the responsibility. I learned methods that helped to keep my emotions calm so I could make better decisions, and also feel better all around.
EmileMelbourne Australia
Over the years she has helped me recognize and peel away layers in my life that no longer serve me, allowing me to awaken to my fullest potential. She is phenomenal with incorporating spiritual psychotherapy, which helps me address the needs of my soul and spirit as well as the human experience. I am truly blessed and so grateful for having Jenna in my life.”
Giancarlo PinizzottoToronto, ON
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Our son was suffering from bi-polar, and we didn’t know if he was going to make it through without hurting himself or someone else. This was the biggest stress in our family and we were at our wits end. Upon recommendation from parents who also hired Jenna for their young adult child, we were ready to try anything. I don’t know how she does it, but after only 1 year our son is back. He finished his education, secured his own place to live, and is working a steady job. We are so very grateful.
M MuschikCambridge, ON

I healed 20 years of anxiety in only 6 months with Jenna’s help. I even could reduce my medication by 75%.

Happy Client who wants to protect their privacy
I love the action items and information. I am astounded how much this young woman knows! And not only that, she is so relatable and walks her talk. A refreshing addition to an industry with a lot of great ideas and solutions but not always the integration and common sense wisdom.
I try to explain what Jenna does, and I really can’t. She has an ability to bring out my own peace and resources. I don’t feel judged and I feel I can open up about anything. My own friends and family don’t know me that well, but now I am learning how to let people in, and still honour my own needs. I’m learning how to be me in the world.
What a gift it’s been to work with Jenna. In relationship coaching, she quickly gets an intuitive feel for what’s happening in the situation and can really see both people’s perspectives clearly. She also understands how to pace the depth of the coaching conversation to match the readiness of both participants. Finally, she’s got great tools and practices that she shares to help people sustain these concepts on their own. In my opinion, this combination of strengths is what gives her the capability to change someone’s perspective and life.
Christine LaPerriereOwner of Leader in Motion Coaching and Consulting
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I have been working with Jenna Smith for the past three months, and in that time have seen considerable value in the limited time we have spent working on my vision of a brighter tomorrow. When we meet I was in a place of reacting to the world, particularly in business and higher level decision making. Through her Ontological approach, Jenna has helped me wrestle with and work through numerous issues that have allowed me to develop clarity of thought and focus on what is truly important. This has brought about a more confident series of decisions and decision making processes that is resulting in significantly greater results both in my professional and personal life. And the bottom line is coming up to meet me.
Stephen Robinson | Partner – Executive SearchDerhak Ireland & Partners Inc.