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Deepening fire May 2016
Deepening copy 2
A full day experience.
Meeting others going through the same transformation as yourself. (And you thought you were alone? – Nah!)
When everything you were isn’t working, and also we will honour the skills and abilities gifted from the struggle.
Your life hasn’t quite matched your inner transformed self.
You seek powerful tools, and the time to further your connection to Spirit.
You seek experiential KNOWING of your abilities as a co-creator and child of God.
You have wanted to learn more Shaman tools, and how you can use them in your day to day life to self-source when life gets tricky.
You need some space and healing.
You just KNOW doing it alone hasn’t been cutting it. Something in you seeks something DEEPER.

How to do Ceremony, and What is it Anyways?
Ceremony is the ability to connect to our higher self, Spirit, and transform perceptions.
Ceremony is not mindless ritual, it is a dedicated space to connect, heal, give thanks, access wisdom, or anything you intend as Spirit is infinite.
The Deepening day includes the following ceremonies:
How to Open Sacred space
Despacho ceremony
Sand Painting- release wounds, roles, and ancestor connection clearings/transmutations
Fire Ceremony- and how to do one yourself.
Going to the Lake, and River to work with water spirits.
Visioning from PURE possibility and your Spirit to determine your short term goals.
Connecting to Guides and Animal Allies to make living more easy, using the support at our fingertips that only needs to be participated with to activate.

Partner Work
How to BE with another person! Not as a role, not putting on a certain “likeable” energy. Being seen and being vulnerable with soul sisters. (Don’t be scared, I’ll make this safe, fun and doable).
A few activities to help support you being you, even if it’s hard and all your roles want to step in.
Inevitably, spontaneous Spirit Intervention will guide us all, which is the point.

Your Being Is IT. How to BE, no…really BE, just being
In a Circle, we will all step into our Being in a facilitated conversation.
Time in Nature
Visiting Lake Huron, learning how to connect deeper to Nature and receive healing and teachings from Nature.

Initiations and Activations from Spirit
Jenna has been getting instructions in her dreams and during the day on an energy transmission that will come through for everyone’s deepening.

CLEARING and WISDOM Attunements- before and after
I will be working on and with those who are ‘a YES’ via distance healing and energy work. The group will be clearing and preparing from the day of payment to the day of, and integration support 3 days after the event. You will all receive Deeksha energy transmissions at this time as well.


A ho

Be Awesome
“Jenna created and facilitated an experience that allowed me to re-connect with the meaning and value of ceremony. The Deepening workshop was for me, a learning of how we can use physical practice and intention to truly feel connected to spirit. I felt humbled. I felt honoured. I felt surprised and delighted. I felt compassion and connection - to myself and to the beautiful soul seekers who were present So grateful for your light Jenna! Thank you for following your true calling and for leading with such grace and compassion..” Joyanne
Deepening Ladies @ fire May 2016
Deepening Becky self work May 2016