Top 3 Things That Keep People From Focusing on their Wellbeing - "Just Keep Swimming"

The Top 3 Things That Keep People From Following A Self Care Routine

by Jenna

1. All or Nothing thinking.

With the Wellbeing Checklist, you received when you signed up, there are 10 items to fill in. You think you need a 10 out of 10 every day, no exceptions or you failed so what's the use. Sound familiar?

This is the harsh inner voice that is not your pal when you embark on making new habits that align you with your ideal self. All or nothing thinking is a surefire sign you are operating from fear, and not from faith in yourself. It's just you being scared of disappointment that these changes won't work, or you will fail.

Do the things you know you want to do, that add juice to your life anyway. Choose YOU by investing in the activities and practices you know you want to be doing, to be the best you. The harsh voices in your head will die down, and you will start to see your relationship with yourself improve when you can keep simple commitments to yourself.

2. Thinking changes should happen in BIG, obvious shifts.

NOPE. Most change happens with consistent repetition. A water drop slowly creates erosion on a mountain, creating epic designs. The decision to write 100 words a day turns into a book. Doing some form of activity regularly will increase your fitness. Think doable, small, consistent. Manage when you want it ALL NOW, as that is simply an adult temper tantrum which does not lead to results or life satisfaction 🙂

"We are what we repeatedly do."- Aristotle


3. Lack of Self Love or Self Respect.

Many people have not learned to be their own ally; or to make changes from love and fulfilment, rather than self-disgust and punishment. You can change that dynamic just by practising the WellBeing Checklist you received. Each checkmark, each day builds self-worth.

Be warned, you might reject this nice behaviour and self-devotion out of sheer discomfort in something unknown, unfamiliar. Something odd like self-love.

If you are used to going last, not speaking up when you want something, letting yourself down, or being a bit of a doormat maybe, this exercise in self-relationship will feel like nails on a chalkboard. Ride the wave! Stay the course. This is your life, and this checklist can keep you committed and consistent in a way that can and will change your life if you let it. 🙂

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Good Luck with your Wellbeing Checklist.

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