Who are You?

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You are sick and tired of fake positive thinking, unrealistic spirituality, soul-less self improvement, and feeling more confused and insecure than when you started seeking a better life.
You are ready to get real, and get real results.
You are open, willing, and hungry to make this change.
You KNOW something bigger is "out there" for you, and are ready to bring it into your life!
  • Smart, Sensitive, Leader, Creative, Changemaker
  • You are sick of all the to-do's of self help because you just have more to do and are exhausted and overwhelmed from it all (Where's my happy already?!)
  • You have a hard time asking for help or trusting people to deliver
  • You know you are powerful, but do not fully know how to express it
  • Perhaps you had a difficult upbringing and feel you have to do it all alone
  • You have a business and want to succeed while still staying aligned with your needs and values
  • Feel you have a purpose to help others or the world
  • Haven't always fit in with the status quo, yet have found a way to be successful in the system
  • People say you are amazing, but you don't accept it, own it or feel it
  • You might have mild anxiety or depression symptoms
  • You know what to do but just can't do it consistently and then make yourself wrong for it. That sucks eh?
  • You read about Spirituality but don't know how to get to peace, authentic purpose and trust in life
  • You are sick of your same old challenges and are READY for lasting change
  • You want to learn how to be your own manual for your life and learn how life teaches you
  • You are ready for a new way, your way
The way I see it, my clients are super capable and don't need to know more. They know a lot! What's missing is the right help. People need to be guided through their deepest self criticism, and the inevitable resistance to choosing their ideal life, and acting on it. They also need INTEGRATION: counselling and coaching, right and left brain, masculine and feminine, physical and spiritual, action and healing, doing and being.
Your greatness is waiting for you to get the support you need to become who you desire to be.
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  • Oh, and I work with a lot of men too!
  • You Guys also are empathic, creative and too smart for your own good that you can get stuck and frustrated.
  • Often men don't have the proper support either to really talk things out and clear their head.
  • The good news dudes, you tend to be less complicated and are quicker to step into action. I personally admire that. It's not just men, but a masculine quality women can develop too.
You can't change what you've learned to tolerate.
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Your Life is on Purpose (1)
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