Work With Jenna

The Method

1. Heal

  • Stop going through the same cycles of ups and downs, fighting the same problems and not getting anywhere.
  • Plug leaks from not being complete on your past that suck energy from your life right now.
  • Experience healing on all levels- intergenerational, ancestors and sometimes
  • Use the healed, freed up energy for creating and living your life- YAY

2. Get Real

  • Who are you? Who have you become due to life’s influences of family, upbringing, culture, or society? What if you are more than your roles, fears, personality or accomplishments?
  • Once you get access to who you are, you can drop who you thought you had to be. And just be You. Go figure! This saves you tons of time, money and energy wasted trying to convince the world who you are, when you had it the whole time. You access your Being.
  • You now have more energy to live your ideal life, and the confidence and self esteem to enjoy it. You access our own inner manual as second nature. This is real Presence.
Woman pulls pack page and reveals sunset.
Woman celebrating nature and reaching the summit of a high mountain as she stands with her back to the camera and arms extended looking out over mountain ranges and valleys in a panoramic landscape

3. Now What?

  • What’s your gift or idea you want to get out into the world?
  • What life do you feel equally scared and lit up by? For example: a way of life, a career, health and fitness, vitality, a project, a dream, travel, your ideal family relationships. What you want wants you :) Claim it.
  • Let s do it! Managing all the humanness, mental chatter, resistance and sabotage that tries to stop you from your Dreams.

The Programs and Services to get you where you want to BE

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One on One Packages: Bi-weekly 2 sessions/month, Weekly 4 sessions/month

  • Sessions are done via phone or internet teleconference (Skype, GoogleTalk, Zoom, Facebook)
  • Receive notes and tools to keep you motivated between sessions
  • Full session recordings available
  • Email support
  • You will get visits from Suishi my cat, as she is fairly adament to silently support you from the sidelines
Suishi with Make your Mark on the World
This is Suishi my cat sitting on top of my coaching chair, she welcomes you :)
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