Work With Jenna

The Method

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1. Heal

  • Stop going through the same cycles of ups and downs, fighting the same problems over and over again and not getting anywhere.
  • Get complete on your past. These things silently suck energy from your life. Time to reclaim that past incomplete energy for your present and future.
  • Experience healing on all levels. Past, present, future. Mind, body, heart, spirit.
  • Stop pushing so hard and rushing. It is exhausting and not working.
  • Feel and know Peace.
  • Trust yourself and your heart.

2. Get Real

  • Who are you? Who have you become trying to fit into the world? What if you are more than your roles? Fears? Personality or Accomplishments? You are SO much more.
  • Once you get access to who you are, you can drop who you thought you had to be. Now you can just be You. Go figure! This saves you all that time, money and energy wasted trying to convince the world who you are. No more do-do-doing, time for BEing.
  • Now that you can drop the facades and the song and dance, you have all that energy to live! To experience. To express. To be YOU.
  • Your ideal life was right here waiting for you to access it. You will gain the confidence and worthiness to enjoy it. You access our own inner manual. This is real Presence, and you don't have to do affirmations to get it, it gets you. You ARE presence. Now you get it, because you are it. You re-remember.
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3. Now What?

  • What’s your gift or idea you want to get out into the world? I will help you clarify it and create opportunities to express or monetize it.
  • What life do you feel equally scared AND lit up by? Examples include a calm/centred way of life, a career, health and fitness goals, vitality, an inspired project, a dream, travel, your ideal family, amazing relationships. What you want wants you :) Claim it. I'll help you.
  • Let's do it! I will help you manage all the messy humanness, mental chatter, resistance and sabotage that tries to stop you from your Dreams. You will learn to understand these tendencies and learn life-long strategies to combat your survival mechanisms.
  • Aligned Action: You talk and I write. Your actions will be simple and steady to turn your dreams into your new normal. You ready?

Private 1 on 1 Service

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One on One Packages
Workshops and Events
Keynote Speaking

One on One Packages

  • Sessions are done via phone or internet teleconference (Skype, GoogleTalk, Zoom, Facebook)
  • Receive notes and tools to keep you motivated between sessions
  • Full session recordings available
  • Individualized Meditations and Visualizations
  • Email and Voxer support
  • In person VIP/Immersion days available
  • Have access to all my resources and connections to ensure your new reality arrives with grace and ease.
Let me help you create your possibility when you genuinely have done all you can.
It doesn't have to be hard.
It doesn't have to take a lot of time.
I've got you.

Discover how to connect to your Heart's Intelligence