Your True Nature Intensive
Getting to the Truth of your Being. Managing all the stuff in Between.

“Coaching with Jenna Smith has been one of the most healing experiences of my life. Her love, acceptance, wisdom, compassion, and sincerity shines through in all she does. She helps you heal, release, and love yourself on a deep level. Jenna provides practical, helpful tools and strategies You can feel how much healing work Jenna has done on herself and her self mastery helped me to realize my own. Coaching with Jenna is a life changing journey that I highly recommend to anyone who feels the desire for more love and support along their path!”   In joy, Hillary Faye, Creator of Awaken Love YTT

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Most people do not show the world, their true self. They manage how they look and how they are perceived to determine their self esteem. Usually wondering: Do they like me? Do I fit in? Did I say/do/act right?
This can get to be exhausting after a while.
Imagine holding beach balls underwater. To keep them down you need to really work at it.
This is what we do to ourselves.
We don't think we are good enough just being our self.
We don't trust we will be accepted, if we aren't the smart one, the good one, the funny one, the cute one, the one who has the answers, the one who helps, the attractive one, and on and on. We simply can't just be. Can we?
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  • Most people hide what they do not accept in themselves. Never thinking they will be seen as loveable if they are mad, sad, a downer, needy, or anything but HAPPY!
  • This makes us feel like the only way to interact with people is to put up this likeable facade.
  • But truthfully, everyone wants to been seen, heard and accepted as THEMSELVES, and when they are not, feelings of anxiety and depression can occur.
  • It is very common for people to start to get tired or apathetic (who cares?) when they have to keep up this song and dance in order to get by in society.
  • Some even get chronic pain or develop addictions.
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  • What we need to do is relearn how to BE with ourselves and others.
  • Once we know our True Nature, who we are no matter what we do or don't do, we can trust that we are ok.
  • This creates relief and unleashes all that contained energy from trying to be liked and get "it" right.
  • Can you imagine....waking up and knowing you are good, you just being you is everything you need to succeed in your life! Game changer.
  • Join us in the Your True Nature Intensive to discover who you truly are.
  • Receive the tools to re-habitualize your authentic self in a world scared to show up as real. Gain the confidence to BE.
"“Working with Jenna changed my life. I am not the same person. After many self improvement programs, I finally can feel calm and peaceful no matter what life throws at me. I recommend her to anyone ready for lasting change in their lives.”
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