You are the Manual
Feb. 10 LIVE Event

Join us 10am-4pm
for an experience you won't want to miss.

So many people are searching...

not a lot of them are finding.

What is You are the Manual?

You are the Manual is Jenna Smith's signature Self-Discovery Program. After over 18 years of studying herself, psychotherapy, spirituality, human behaviour and indigenous medicine Jenna came up with these main core teachings to teach to others. She found herself repeating the same concepts and finally put it all together so participants can get the most effective teachings streamlined for today's modern needs. Save time reading tons of books and trying to figure it out all on your own, this program is a great way to bring the teachings into your being.

Why come to the YOU ARE THE MANUAL Immersion Workshop?

What you will get is relevant information about going beyond your mind, ideas and thoughts and into your heart, body and Spirit. The problem with Self-Development and Spirituality these days is it is all created to appeal to your MIND.  You are more than your mind.  The anxiety and depression many people are experiencing are actually symptoms of this disconnect from ALL our intelligence systems. All of us can re-learn these inborn intelligence systems, because we were always meant to access them. Doesn't that make more sense? We have the manual, and just kinda....forgot. Come learn how. 

What types of people attend this workshop?

The only basic requirement is being human. But, to be more specific, both beginners and seasoned spiritual self-mastery people will benefit. Both men and women. All ages. Because this is NOT about the content, it is about YOUR intelligence being accessed, activated and amplified.  You don't even have to eat organic, do yoga or meditate regularly!  You show up as you. We help you connect to your inner resources for permanent shifts in your BEing.

What will we be doing all day?

10 00am-  Arrivals, getting settled

10 30: Introductions and layout of the day. 

11 00: MIND- Information, Activity, LIVE coaching and energy clearing

12 00: BREAK

12 30: BODY- Information, Activity, LIVE coaching and energy clearing

1 30: HEART- Information, Activity, LIVE coaching and energy clearing

2 30: BREAK - time to eat Food you have brought.  (No Lunch is included) Tea and Water are provided all day.

2 45: SPIRIT- Information, Activity, LIVE coaching and energy clearing

3 45: Q and A, INTEGRATION, Next Steps....

4pm: Goodbyes, exchanging new friends contact info...Leaving satisfied, transformed, amplified.

Working with Jenna is like creating space in your life. If you’ve tried other therapy, if you’ve read a million books, if you’ve talked to your friends and family and just can’t seem to figure things out, then you need to talk with Jenna. If you’ve reached the end of your ability to understand your world, it’s time to call up Jenna.  Jenna helps you to make sense of your life. She helps you heal. She helps you slowly but surely, get back to who you know you are. If you have this feeling that there is more that you are supposed to be doing, or if there is more that you need to heal or even if you have this inkling that you just want something more in your life, or something that you've lost - Jenna helps with that. 
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Becky N.
Teacher, Writer, Changemaker

Hi, I'm Jenna.

I've spent a ton of time, money and energy trying to figure out this whole thing called being a human on a planet. It can be depressing, confusing, tiring...

And it can also be inspiring, amazing and gratifying....

So, how can we gain some semblance of control over how our life is experienced?   We learn how to BE HUMAN!! Ta Da. Go figure. 'You are the Manual' teaches you the core teachings that have been missing in education and religion. In the booming world of self-development and spirituality You are the Manual will help you cut through the noise so you can understand and apply what you need for your own life RIGHT NOW.

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Where exactly is this held?

You are the Manual LIVE will be at

There is street parking and a transit stop right outside.