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“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”
― Martha Graham

You've read the books, watched TED talks, tried to meditate and "think positive", maybe you've done years of therapy...
So, why aren't you happy yet?
You haven't integrated ALL of your inner resources, that is why. We can't "get there" from only our mind, or only our body, or only our spirit. We are Human + Beings and learning how our natural resources operate gives us the tools to finally make life work too.

With the YOU ARE THE MANUAL course you'll discover your untapped intelligence systems in order to access mental/emotional freedom.

You will feel less stressed, less anxious, and you'll emerge as more self-confident.
Demystify self-sabotage.
Be less hard on yourself.
Learn how to tame crazy thoughts.
How to heal permanently.
Have increased energy.
Feel overall better about yourself and life.

The teachings in YOU ARE THE MANUAL show you how to access peace and happiness while learning life changing, easy to do habits.
In this 5 module course there will be giggling, there will be LOADS of content you can re-listen to if you love learning. There will be simple take-away's for the quick learners. There will be meditations and energetic activations woven right into the recordings.

"WOW, Jenna has packed so much information into this program it could be a year-long program easily. I love having the recordings to listen back and re-remember my a-ha's or get brand new one's I didn't hear before. After buying several other self-help programs, You are the Manual, helped bring it all together for me. I DO feel more confident. Thanks Jenna!" Emelia

5 Modules to Attain Self-Trust and Confidence in Life:

Module 1:

• Understand your Mind as a physical organ that serves you and has it's limitations.
• Simple steps to perfect decisions.
• What makes it malfunction with worry, anxiety, stress & how to deal.
• Learn how to focus and follow through, rather than procrastinate & sabotage.
• Four powerful tools for your Mind to work FOR you rather than against you.

Get the resources you've been waiting for to bring all of your mind and intellect into action.

Module 2:

You are the Manual - Body
• 2 lifelong practices that will change how you make choices forever.
• Symptoms verses signals, how your body communicates, and how to listen to it.
• Chronic pain or ouchies are not your body being a jerk.
• Learn the power of being in your Body, how to tell, and why it helps you.
• Access how sensations are information for YOU.

Your body can heal FOR you, provide information for daily decisions, and guide you to health.

Module 3:

• How to use emotions in an effective and practical way.
• How to feel your emotions to access your TRUTH.
• How to HEAL emotional pain.
• How to access more JOY and Creativity.
• Find out how connecting to your heart can make your life truly magical.
• Learn specific tools and easy meditations to tap into this inner resource right in your chest.

We disconnect from our heart when we've had pain. Learn how to clear out that pain and access new energy & insight.

Module 4:

sport, fitness, yoga, double exposure and people concept - happy young woman meditating in lotus pose over blue sky and green tree background
• What is Spirit? What is God?
• How does being connected to your Spirit fundamentally shift your life?
• What are your blocks and simple tools to get you connected.
• The language of the Spirit: symbols, metaphor & archetypes.
• Learn how life is talking to you all the time.
• Why religion is misunderstood and hounoring your Spirit

Achieve unconditional security and trust in yourself and Life. Create an Evidence Journal to anchor your ideal life.

Module 5:

Stuck polar-bear not there yet-1082461_1280
• What does it mean to live from your Center of Being?
• How to access and practice this way of living as your own wise council.
• Simple tools on how to troubleshoot when times get tough, or busy.
• How does all of this come together in your life?
• How can you use this information for permanent sustainable change for the rest of your life!

Find out how simple habits will create lasting results in this module.

Are you ready to discover your own direct access to your inner tools and intelligence systems?

“For anyone blessed to have worked with Jenna they’d know she has a wonderful strong presence. Before taking Jenna’s workshop I had the opportunity to work with her as a guide and knew that her approach was kind, heart centred and of a high vibration. I was so thrilled with her “You are the Manual” workshop. I learned techniques that I can use daily when needing answers. I loved it!” ― Kathryn Boyd

Jenna Smith

About the Creator

Jenna Smith is a Therapist, Transformational Coach, Speaker, Author and overall helping people make their lives awesome chick. She works with clients locally and internationally via the Internet.

Jenna teaches us to remember we are both human and being. By integrating our being, we can make more creative choices in the face of recurring problems while also being able to access peace, presence and joy. We don’t need more books, seminars, or workshops to “fix” ourselves. Enough is enough! It’s time to remember our inborn awesomeness and learn to live it as our daily life.

What People are Saying about You Are the Manual

"Jenna has helped me transform my life. Before working with her, I was a mess- constantly struggling and suffering. Through coaching together she has helped me feel more empowered, clear, loving and grounded in my life.
Susheela RamachandranIntuitive Coach/Artistic Guide for Children
Working with Jenna is like creating space in your life. If you’ve tried other therapy, if you’ve read a million books, if you’ve talked to your friends and family and just can’t seem to figure things out, then you need to talk with Jenna.
Becky NetheryTeacher/Writer

Are you ready to discover your own direct access
to inner tools and intelligence systems?